Review Request 118763: Remove find_package(XCB) call as it is handled already by the top-level cmake file

Bernd Steinhauser linux at
Fri Aug 22 16:31:04 BST 2014

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This change has been marked as submitted.

Review request for kde-workspace, Plasma and Hugo Pereira Da Costa.

Repository: oxygen


No idea if kde-workspace is still the right group, if not, please change.

find_package(XCB) is called without specifying the required components. This leads to linking to unused dependencies in case they are installed.

Since XCB is searched for in the top level cmake file in the repository, there is no need to search for it again. The component required there (only base XCB) is sufficient.
Although, this should be sufficient to fix the deps problem, it makes sense to link to XCB::XCB instead of ${XCB_LIBRARIES}, since the former is what is actually needed.


  kstyle/CMakeLists.txt 165b62a 
  liboxygen/CMakeLists.txt 0d1dd94 




Bernd Steinhauser

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