Killing kdelibs master branch

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sun Aug 10 23:23:15 BST 2014

Hi there, I'm sending this e-mail to propose removing the master branch of 

We kind of already tried that when we froze it, but i am proposing to actually 
delete it (and enforce with hooks it doesn't come back) from git.

Why I want to kill it now?

Next release is not going to be "KDE SC 4.15" but simply "KDE Applications 

It does not make sense to release kdelibs 4.15 as part of "KDE 
Applications 2014.12", since it kind of defeats the purpose of the name.

So we should not have a kdelibs 4.15 release, we should just be killing 
master and just doing some further releases of 4.14.x as bugfix, this way we 
avoid people using a branch of kdelibs that will never be released again.

In the past we argued about the need to have new kdelibs versions since 
some applications use KDE_VERSION_NUMBER as their version number and we didn't 
want to break those apps.

Well, applications using KDE_VERSION_NUMBER as their 
version number "are doing it wrong", as it will stop working once we move to 
KF5, since there's no such concept as "KDE VERSION" there, so we may as well 
fix them now.

Any objection?


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