Pushing AppStream data to KDE project's master branches

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sun Aug 3 15:21:50 BST 2014

2014-08-03 12:20 GMT+02:00 Alex Merry <alex.merry at kde.org>:
> On Sunday 03 August 2014 01:41:29 Matthias Klumpp wrote:
>> We are speaking of a small bit of XML, which is placed in
>> CMAKE_INSTALL_METAINFODIR (/usr/share/appdata) - so this is not a
>> change which could break anything (in case you still don't like it,
>> you can always git-revert, but in that case, it might happen that
>> distributors make up their own metadata file).
> Are you only planning to push these to projects that depend on extra-cmake-
> modules 5.1? Because kdelibs 4.x and e-c-m 5.0 don't define an installation
> directory for appdata.
I will use the cmake variable for those projects which already depend
on extra-cmake-modules >= 5.1

> Of course, for those projects, you can just install to
...and use this for projects which don't :)


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