Review Request 113504: Fix krunner calculator letter check

Christoph Feck christoph at
Wed Oct 30 09:33:50 GMT 2013

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Review request for kde-workspace and Plasma.

Bugs: 326059

Repository: kde-workspace


The calculator runner now supports the syntax without the '=', so you can simply type in '3+5' and have the result. An additional commit added a letter check, so that it will not try to compute with normal text input, but this broke any calculations with any functions, such as '=6*asin 0.5' etc.

This commit removes the letter check in case the user had explicitly typed the '=', restoring 4.10 behavior. If I understand the letter check correctly, it is very hard to support functions in the case the user had omitted the '='


  plasma/generic/runners/calculator/calculatorrunner.cpp 0d52301 




Christoph Feck

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