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LucaTringali TRINGALINVENT at libero.it
Sun Oct 27 17:49:16 GMT 2013

Hi Albert,
I'm working on the points but, since I'm kinda busy with my work, the code I 
have written for now is still not stable. I think it'll be ready in the first 
week of January 2014.
If you study something, at high school or university, which includes 
experiments (chemistry, phisycs, biology, engineering, etc...) you need a 
fit calculator. So, philosophically, it is something very similar to Kalzium 

Luca Tringali

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>El Dijous, 9 de maig de 2013, a les 18:06:16, LucaTringali va escriure:
>> Hello,I have been working on Kartesio, a program for calculating best fit
>> curves with experimental points. I think it is ready to be moved in the KDE
>> Edu main repo now, so I'm asking your approval.I followed the guidelines
>> (http://techbase.kde.org/Policies/Application_Lifecycle) and Kartesio is
>> actually in KDE
>> review:https://projects.kde.org/projects/kdereview/kartesioFor any
>> question, ask me. Luca Tringali
>Hi Luca, have you worked on addressing the points raised in the comments you 
>were made?
>Also I am wondering if kdeedu is really the place for this app, I understand 
>it's a very useful application for science/laboratory situations, but is 
>really something a student would use?
>  Albert

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