Upcoming changes to CI system

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at kde.org
Sun Oct 27 08:32:59 GMT 2013

Hi all,

In order to improve the maintainability and cleanliness of the "shared
dependencies" the way they will be handled on the CI system will be

The nature of this change is that all projects which need a "shared
dependency" will now need to declare a dependency against it in the
appropriate file in the CI script configuration.

A shared dependency is essentially a non-KDE project:
a) Where distribution packages are too old (like CMake)
b) projects which depend on Qt (and therefore cannot be installed system

A list of shared dependencies can be seen at

I have the following known shared dependencies at the moment:
kde/*: shared/kdesupport-svn
kde/kde-workspace: shared/libdbusmenu-qt
kde/kdepim: shared/grantlee
kde/kdepim-runtime: shared/libkolab[libkolab-0.4]
kde/kdegraphics/okular: shared/poppler
kde/kdebindings/pykde4: shared/pyqt4
calligra: shared/vc
extragear/libs/libkface: shared/opencv
extragear/multimedia/amarok: shared/gmock
extragear/network/telepathy/*: shared/telepathy-qt4

If anything needs to be added to the list, please let me know. Of
particular interest are dependencies on Grantlee, QOAuth, QJSON, Qt
GStreamer, Qt Mobility, Qwt and Shared Desktop Ontologies.

Both libindi and libssh are going to be shifted to distribution packages.

Ben Cooksley
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