Review Request 113364: kio_http: fix for proxy connection

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Fri Oct 25 19:26:57 BST 2013

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Review request for kdelibs and Dawit Alemayehu.

Repository: kdelibs


Fix the code to determine if a proxy or direct connection should be made in the case where multiple proxies are availables and between them the keyword "DIRECT" is present. We should first verify if the candidate proxy string is equal to "DIRECT" (and then try to make a direct connection) and after try to construct KUrl object.
Otherwise we would never be able to direct connect because KUrl("DIRECT") is not a valid (proxy) url.


  kioslave/http/http.cpp 81182eb 



Tested against various PAC scripts returning, for example, proxies list like:
("", "DIRECT") or ("DIRECT", "")

Note: in case PAC script returns "DIRECT" only, this code path is not executed as m_request.proxyUrls will be empty.


Andrea Iacovitti

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