Review Request 113415: Port KSplashQML to Qt5 + remove XLib stuff + replace x11eventFilter with DBus interface (Wayland++)

Martin Klapetek martin.klapetek at
Thu Oct 24 15:04:00 BST 2013

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Review request for kde-workspace and KDE Frameworks.

Repository: kde-workspace


Ports KSplashQML to Qt5 and strips any XLib stuff. Martin G. suggested to try if it would simply work without XLib/XCB bits at all and it does work in testing mode, I'm unsure if it also works after actual login, but I don't see why it wouldn't.

KSplash was also receiving the stage messages via XAtoms, which I replaced with simple DBus interface. That means that all the parts in the login sequence need to be updated (I'll do it) to emit dbus signal instead of sending X message. I used the same API as the XAtoms were using, but let me know if you think this could be changed. In some future I'd probably also change the stages resolution as it's not too robust and does not help paralelization much. I have a plan in my head but that's for another commit.

I'd also like to remove the old KSplashX and port its default theme to QML and provide together with KSplashQML as "Classic" or "KDE 4" theme.


  ksplash/ksplashqml/CMakeLists.txt 8cd5305 
  ksplash/ksplashqml/SplashApp.h 3c55be9 
  ksplash/ksplashqml/SplashApp.cpp 7c528d0 
  ksplash/ksplashqml/SplashWindow.h 9680c1e 
  ksplash/ksplashqml/SplashWindow.cpp 4417643 
  ksplash/ksplashqml/SystemInfo.h 7a74554 
  ksplash/ksplashqml/main.cpp c2722ab9 
  ksplash/ksplashqml/org.kde.KSplash.xml PRE-CREATION 
  ksplash/ksplashqml/themes/Minimalistic/main.qml e4fb8b8 



Theme successfully loads, displays fullscreen (Plasma panels are not covered, not sure why), all stages passes, then it terminates itself.


Martin Klapetek

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