Moving KScreen and libkscreen to extragear

Raymond Wooninck tittiatcoke at
Fri Oct 18 07:11:57 BST 2013

On Friday 18 October 2013 01:51:06 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El Dijous, 17 d'octubre de 2013, a les 14:37:43, David Edmundson va 
> > This has been in kdereview for over 3 months now. It is probably safe
> > to move, though I would still like a reply to my comments
> > 
> > We should not be recommending to packagers to ship code that is in
> > playground, it defeats the point of the playground separation where a
> > lot of code is not ship-abble.
> +1
> Not sure were the recommendation of shipping playground code came from, but
> imho it should be removed.

At this moment I believe that KScreen and libKScreen are the least of these 
worries. They are in kdereview.  But what about Bluedevil ? There we have the 
situation that Bluedevil itself is in extragear, but it is depending on 
libbluedevil which is still in playground ?  And I believe that Bluedevil is 
being shipped already for quite some time



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