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Review request for kde-workspace and John Tapsell.

Repository: kde-workspace


ksysguard has good keyboard handling, but it can be better. For example, it has annoyed me that I cannot use the del/shift-del shortcuts or get the context menu unless I explicitly tab my way down to the treeview (even though pressing up/down with the text field focused gives the false impression that the rows have focus).

This diff makes this keyboard navigation more efficient. While the comments in the code should describe the behavior well enough, here they are listed:

* Search field
** Pressing enter moves to first item in treeview and opens context menu
** Pressing down/pgdown will move actual focus to the treeview
** Focusing the text field clears the treeview selection. This emphasises that only one visual element is focused at a time, as well as that you can not interact with the items in the view until they have been selected.
* Treeview
** Pressing up when on the first entry will move focus to the text field
** If you start typing, the focus will immediately be moved to the text field
** When focus is received, select first row in the treeview

After bumping this twice already without responses, I'm thinking about pushing it as it is unlikely to cause much (if any) trouble.


  libs/ksysguard/processui/ksysguardprocesslist.cpp ed2c1ff4e93041e4b1911e2643bfda6888d171bd 




Harald Hvaal

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