Review Request 113298: KDirWatch code style: cleanup whitespace.

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Thu Oct 17 04:51:18 BST 2013

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(Updated Oct. 17, 2013, 12:51 a.m.)

Review request for KDE Frameworks and kdelibs.

Repository: kdelibs

Description (updated)

KDirWatch code style: cleanup whitespace.

The KDirWatch code had *lots* of "( foo )" and inconsistent indentation and alignment, including a few tabs(!). This is a full cleanup of it.

I appreciate any feedback; if I "fixed" something that didn't need fixing, or if you see more whitespace errors that I didn't fix, or if I should push this to master too, or if I should leave the damn thing alone and discard the review :)

This file is also lacking braces for single-line conditionals and loops; I'll fix that in a separate commit for easier reviewing. It's also mixing 2-space and 4-space indentations, but changing everything to 4 spaces (as the kdelibs coding style says) seemed too intrusive. Perhaps I should change the few 4-space indentations into 2-space for consistency?


  tier1/kcoreaddons/src/lib/io/kdirwatch.h 7f6ca8ce83426c81a6336514c247aa9d115ec59e 
  tier1/kcoreaddons/src/lib/io/kdirwatch.cpp e4f45441d5ed68e3e34ae2bd68e16fd3dc46656a 
  tier1/kcoreaddons/src/lib/io/kdirwatch_p.h 442d6497b704c179adc13dbb25e450554d31554d 



Still compiles :)


Nicolás Alvarez

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