Review Request 112129: Make Plasma::PackageStructure look for metadata.desktop files in only subfolder of extracted plasmapkg archives

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at
Mon Oct 14 20:40:27 BST 2013

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(Updated Oct. 14, 2013, 1:40 p.m.)


This change has been discarded.

Review request for kde-workspace, Plasma, Aaron J. Seigo, Marco Martin, and Sebastian K├╝gler.


Repository: kdelibs


This is the other half of the fix for the listed bug.  I made Plasma::PackageStructure::metadata look in the only subdirectory of an extracted archive if there's only one subdirectory for the metadata.desktop file.


  plasma/packagestructure.cpp 71148e1a18227d9ca847cbffe385aaaad9c66c6b 



The bug is fixed here with this and my other patch. Any better ideas for getting the only subdirectory are welcome, it feels a bit kludgy as is.


Jeremy Whiting

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