Review Request 113185: Cursor Theme KCM: Show correct resize cursor in preview for themes without a file called "size_fdiag"

Wolfgang Bauer wbauer at
Thu Oct 10 10:39:40 BST 2013

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Review request for kde-workspace, kwin, Fredrik Höglund, and Thomas Lübking.

Bugs: 325837

Repository: kde-workspace


Apparently in XCursorTheme::findAlternative() (file kcontrol/input/xcursor/xcursortheme.cpp) the alternatives for "size_bdiag" and "size_fdiag" are swapped, so for themes not containing "size_fdiag" the wrong resize cursor is shown in the preview.

This patch fixes that long standing bug. (there has been no change to that function since 2007!)

This also fixes the glitch mentioned in bug#325763, that the wrong arrows are used for the window resize hint after the theme change is applied (for the current X session).


  kcontrol/input/xcursor/xcursortheme.cpp 010c9ad 



- Enter systemsettings->Workspace Appearance->Cursor Theme
- Select a theme without "size_fdiag", f.e.: crystalwhite, DMZ, Adwaita, redglass
- Look at the preview: without the patch, the wrong resize cursor is shown, with the patch it's the same as for Oxygen e.g.
See atached screenshots

File Attachments

KCM without the patch
KCM with the patch


Wolfgang Bauer

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