Review Request 113129: proxy configuration: fix setting the use of proxy environment variable

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Sun Oct 6 13:36:17 BST 2013

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Review request for KDE Base Apps and Dawit Alemayehu.

Bugs: 304707

Repository: kde-baseapps


- Use the correct variable, instead of the entire QStringList, to fill in lineedit's text in autoDetectSystemProxy.
- When saving for "System proxy configuration", in KProxyDialog::save(), be sure to write the name of environment variables and not their values in the configuration file.
- Added missing signal connection for mUi.systemProxyRadioButton.
- Connect slotChanged() to textEdited() signal (instead of textChanged()) for systemProxy's lineedits, this avoid to emit changed() when "Show the value of the envirnment variables" checkbox is clicked.

Currently (and from kde3 time) the proxy configuration keys in kioslaverc: httpProxy,httpsProxy,ftpProxy,socksProxy,NoProxyFor, are used with a double semantic. They hold the proxy address in case of "Manual Proxy Configuration" or the name of environment variables to use in case of "System Proxy Configuration". (See getSystemProxyFor() in kprotocolmanager.cpp)


  konqueror/settings/kio/kproxydlg.cpp 7c777d3 




Andrea Iacovitti

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