Acquiring Google Mock libraries for tests

Konrad Zemek konrad.zemek at
Wed Oct 2 00:59:52 BST 2013

On 02.10.2013 00:41, Sebastian K├╝gler wrote:
>> I was having a hard time searching for examples of Google Mock usage on
>>, so my question is: how do other KDE projects deal with
>> acquiring Google Mock?
> What is Google Mock and what's the deal about it? Your email describe a
> concrete issue, without giving a problem description. For me, it's hard to
> make sense of it, not knowing Google Mock. I understand you're talking about a
> general problem with "precompiled libraries"? Another example is libspotify,
> if I understand correctly?

Google Mock is a popular library for creating mock objects (for testing 
purposes) in C++. The reason for me being so specific is that when it 
comes to libraries, Google Mock is a very specific case - it needs to be 
compiled along with tests, with same flags, so it should not be 
precompiled. For this reason Kubuntu now ships sources instead of 
precompiled libraries, and some other distros don't provide any package 

The discussion we have in amarok-devel is about how to acquire Google 
Mock's sources in order to compile them (bundle them in our repository, 
require distros to package them, etc). I asked here because I wanted to 
know how other KDE projects deal with the issue, the assumption being 
that there are other KDE projects using Google Mock.


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