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Review request for KDE Runtime.


This adds a 'Insert query placeholder' button to the add/modify web shortcut dialog.
-Clicking this button inserts \{@} in the shortcut URL lineEdit.
-The button is only enabled when the shortcut URL lineEdit has focus.

This makes it easy to add new web shortcuts. Users don't have to remember and type the query placeholder.

The eventfilter complicates this patch a lot. But there is no slot to detect if a lineedit has focus.
We could drop it but it looks messy when the button is always enabled.
I feel the tooltip text can be improved. Any suggestions from a native English speaker?

This addresses bug 146879.


  kurifilter-plugins/ikws/searchproviderdlg.h e931e11 
  kurifilter-plugins/ikws/searchproviderdlg.cpp 5f40f5f 
  kurifilter-plugins/ikws/searchproviderdlg_ui.ui d75ac5b 



Added a new shortcut.
Changed focus to and from different widgets.
Inserted placeholder at the end of the link and in the middle.
Modified a shortcut.

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Berfore vs After
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Maarten De Meyer

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