Review Request 110670: fixes for qml import paths order

Oliver Henshaw oliver.henshaw at
Mon May 27 14:14:50 BST 2013

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(Updated May 27, 2013, 1:14 p.m.)

Review request for kde-workspace, kwin and Plasma.


Added note about possibility of affected components not in kde-workspace.

Description (updated)

QDeclarativeImportDatabase::addImportPath() prepends paths to the list, so paths must be added in reverse order (lowest preference -> highest preference).

To further complicate things, only paths not already in the list are added - hopefully this behaviour can be corrected in qt at some point. Nevertheless, these fixes should give the desired results with or without the further qt fix.

NB: kwin/kcmkwin/kwintabbox/layoutpreview.cpp is also affected by this issue but is not yet included in this RR, as it needs extra fixes and proper testing.

NB #2: there may be other files affected outside kde-workspace, but I haven't checked.

Branch for this RR can be found at clones/kde-workspace/oliverhenshaw/kde-workspace at review/qml-imports-v1 which comprises:

[1/3] Drop unneeded duplicate addImportPath

Let KDeclarative::setupBindings() add the import paths: it too takes
paths from KGlobal::dirs()->findDirs("module", "imports"); it adds paths
in the correct (reverse) order.

[2/3] Replace foreach with java-style iterator

In preparation for reversing the loop.

[3/3] add qml import paths in correct order

addImportPath prepends the path to importPathList so we must add our
paths in reverse order.

Based on the fix for kdeclarative.cpp in kdelibs


  ksmserver/screenlocker/greeter/greeterapp.cpp b70c9d6c005aa66d2f85a42ef4f1dcb04ea44667 
  ksmserver/shutdowndlg.cpp 247c8777f060a614436b4f757ba5d588035f3bf5 
  kwin/clients/aurorae/src/aurorae.cpp f7771c4cbee34194dcc8987a789712ab41898ec0 
  kwin/kcmkwin/kwindecoration/kwindecoration.cpp 591a913c4032885474040e93e75d5f6f91bb9535 
  kwin/scripting/scripting.cpp 13a77bc346b09f4b99f782370e8e0873332fad3d 
  kwin/tabbox/declarative.cpp f759512c76a2b589323614b412844a0ce8e4dd54 
  plasma/screensaver/shell/savercorona.cpp 9cd207ffc8039cd1e41fdbbf9a4095426824f694 



Compiles and runs. Checked that the resulting importPathList is correct for ksmserver/screenlocker/greeter/greeterapp.cpp and for kwin/clients/aurorae/src/aurorae.cpp


Oliver Henshaw

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