Review Request 110663: Don't save state of running activities unless asked to by the session manager

Simon Persson simonpersson1 at
Mon May 27 11:02:12 BST 2013

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Review request for kde-workspace and Ivan Čukić.


Only save state of currently running session when asked to by the session manager. This will support activities in the "restore manually saved session" function of the session manager.

Relies on review


  src/service/Activities.cpp 9e09c9f 
  src/service/Activities_p.h 5f3304d 
  src/service/jobs/ksmserver/KSMServer.h 7e42e56 
  src/service/jobs/ksmserver/KSMServer.cpp 888df1f 



Tested by running a full kde session compiled from master. Saw that with "restore previous session" set there was no regression (only change would be that a power failure or crash of ksmserver would now result in the current state of running activities not getting saved, hardly critical I would say).
Also saw that "restore manually saved session" now restores activities as they were when the session was saved.


Simon Persson

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