Review Request 110633: Don't report crashes if version is disabled in Bugzilla

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Sat May 25 13:16:21 BST 2013

Am Samstag 25 Mai 2013, 10:19:37 schrieb Jekyll Wu:

> Well, DrKonqi uses Product.get API to fetch product information from
>, including all available versions (either active or disabled).
> But that is not the point of those "escaped" reports which shouldn't be
> accepted. Even if DrKonqi doesn't know any version information on
>, when it sends a request against some disabled version,
> (since upgrading to bugzilla 4.2.5) should detect and reject
> the request, then send back a error message to drkonqi, like the screenshot
> in
> Now this expected rejecting behavior works for versions like "4.9.0" or
> "4.10.60" (no whitespace), but not for "4.8.5 (4.8.5)" (containing
> whitespace). It might be that DrKonqi sends version containing whitespace
> in a wrong way, or that bugzilla deals with version containing white space
> in a wrong way. But since Drknonqi also sends distribution information
> (like "Ubuntu Packages") containing whitespace in the same way and bugzilla
> deals with that correctly, I'm inclined to think something goes wrong in
> bugzilla when dealing with versions.

Maybe it's not the space, but (). Maybe it is used as regex or something?

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