Review Request 110459: Klipper: Allow to keep items in clipboard history

José Millán Soto fid at
Wed May 15 20:39:36 BST 2013

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Review request for kde-workspace.


This patch allows users to prevent important items from being overwritten in the clipboard history.
Methods keep and setKeep were added to HistoryItem. If an item has keep set to true, it will not be overwritten.
A submenu was added to set whether an item should be kept in history.
Even if there are more elements in the list than the maximum number of entries, the newest element copied to the clipboard will be in the clipboard item.
In order to allow Klipper to read history files written with previous versions of Klipper, saving and loading if an item should be kept is handled in klipper.cpp and not by the item.

This addresses bug 54212.


  klipper/history.cpp 49e9bb0 
  klipper/historyitem.h 6c41d5d 
  klipper/historyitem.cpp 21fbe4e 
  klipper/klipper.h bbfd9c9 
  klipper/klipper.cpp cf41bd2 
  klipper/klipperpopup.h 31beff2 
  klipper/klipperpopup.cpp bff2c25 
  klipper/popupproxy.h 910bd6e 
  klipper/popupproxy.cpp 555f383 




José Millán Soto

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