KF5 Update Meeting 2013-w20

Kevin Ottens ervin+bluesystems at kde.org
Wed May 15 14:04:18 BST 2013

Hello all,

So yesterday 4pm (Paris timezone :p) as planned we had the first update 
meeting on #kde-devel. I'll start with a short summary, and you'll find a few 
action items at the end.

Were present for this first meeting: Anne-Marie Mahfouf (annma), David Faure 
(dfaure), Marco Martin (notmart), Stephen Kelly (steveire), Sune Vuorela 
(svuorela), Wojciech Kapuscinski (wojtask9_) and myself.

Topic discussed:
 * This first meeting wasn't advertised enough, I'll try to send a reminder 
email the day before from now on;
 * David is pushing reviews to Qt around QUrl, he's also working on getting 
QCommandLineParser ready to replace the old KCmdLineArgs (we'll get it early 
through qt5kdestaging), he's also removing unixisms in KIO (lots of work);
 * KIO core/gui separation requires David and myself sitting in a room to 
discuss it;
 * Final release of CMake 2.8.11 should be out soon, from that point on we can 
expect our CMake files to be rather stable until we split the repositories or 
2.8.12 gets released (whatever happens first, in which case some 
simplifications will be possible);
 * Some of our frameworks install libraries with a ".so.SOVERSION" suffix, 
probably comes from inconsistencies in our CMake rules, someone has to look 
into it, should be followed by a general cleanup to make sure everything is 
 * Some more information about the KDEUI Crumble page: except if explicitely 
noted, there's no need to create frameworks I pre-created almost all of them, 
also try to stick to at least two commits (one for reducing dependencies 
between classes, one for the actual move of the class);
 * Anne-Marie and Wojciech are rather happy with the current state of the 
wiki, the building page was enough to get them ready (they had no prior kf5 
setup) and rolling patches (the KDEUI Crumble page being helpful);
 * I'm currently looking into having the non-static QUrl based API in 
QFileDialog, turns out to be more work than I expected;
 * Got a serie of patches in Qt which will be enabled for the KDEUI Crumble...
 * ... but qt5.git is *very* slow to update which is both good (more stability 
for contributors) and bad (more down times because of blocking situations);
 * Thinking about having our own qt5.git with a kf5 branch and use that as 
base for our work instead of the slow to update dev branch the idea would be 
to update it only when we need some patches, and not more than once a week;
 * If we go for qt5.git/kf5 make it clear in the building page and provide an 
upgrade path for existing setups;
 * In parallel trying to get qt5.git/dev unstuck on the qt-project.org side;
 * plasma-framework (our first splitted framework) is rather healthy at the 
moment, it likely needs to see quite some cleanup in its CMakeLists.txt files 
to make it more similar to the other existing ones (being already splitted 
it's the perfect one to tidy up and use as reference when ready);
 * David Edmundson clarified the definition around KDE4Attic on the wiki;

Bonus question I had while preparing the summary above:
 * @dfaure: Could those unixisms be documented somewhere and have people help? 
Sounds like something easy enough.

Action items:
 * [ervin] Send meeting reminders on mondays
 * [dfaure] Import QCommandLineArgs in qt5kdestaging
 * [dfaure + ervin] Discuss the upcoming KIO split
 * [steveire] Look into the SOVERSION issue, and cleanup the CMake files
 * [steveire] Write a "CMake for frameworks" guideline in the wiki
 * [ervin] Talk to Ben about having our own qt5.git with a kf5 branch
 * [notmart] Look at cleaning up the CMake files in plasma-framework (if time 

In case someone spots something I would have forgotten, please feel free to 
amend by replying in this thread.

Next meeting will be Tuesday 21st 4pm Paris time (except I'll be in a 
different timezone next week so I hope I won't get it wrong :-D).

Kévin Ottens, http://ervin.ipsquad.net

Sponsored by BlueSystems and KDAB to work on KDE Frameworks
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