Review Request 110388: Change default thumbnail cache directory

Maarten De Meyer de.meyer.maarten at
Sat May 11 15:40:41 BST 2013

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Review request for kdelibs.


The freedesktop spec[0] has changed the default location of the thumbnail cache directory.
Now thumbnails are saved in $XDG_CACHE_HOME/thumbnails instead of ~/.thumbnails/
GNOME has already made this change.

Some applications[1] and documentation[2] (maybe thumbnailers) will have to be changed to adapt to this new directory. If this patch is accepted I'll make the needed changes.
For frameworks we can use QStandardPaths::CacheLocation, I'll post a separate review for that.

All thumbnails will have to be regenerated. We could symlink the directory?
Is fromLocal8Bit correct or is UTF8 needed now?

[1] configurepreviewdialog.cpp in Dolphin

This addresses bug 319528.


  kio/kio/previewjob.cpp 01b674d 



Remove ~/.thumbnails/
Run dolphin with previews: thumbnails are created in .cache/thumbnails/

Repeated with XDG_CACHE_HOME=~/.cachetestdir/
Thumbnails in .cachetestdir/thumbnails/

Not tested: gwenview and digikam.


Maarten De Meyer

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