Review Request 110331: Sync kwalletmanager settings UI to kwalletd changes proposed in review 110330

Eike Hein hein at
Thu May 9 00:16:17 BST 2013

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(Updated May 8, 2013, 11:16 p.m.)

Review request for KDE Runtime and Harald Sitter.


This updated diff syncs the default value of the setting to the changed default in the parent review.

Note: I most likely won't be available for further updates until Monday.


This adapts the checkbox label to the kwalletd behavior change proposed in:

Diffs (updated)

  konfigurator/konfigurator.cpp 3cc1b3f 
  konfigurator/walletconfigwidget.ui bbb006d 



Test package for Kubuntu by Harald Sitter, operation verified at runtime.


Eike Hein

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