Review Request 110091: clean up and update FreeBSD support for kinfocenter

Max Brazhnikov makc at
Sun May 5 12:26:54 BST 2013

> > Ok, here's a patch for GetInfo_ReadfromPipe only:
> >
> Looks good to me (although I have not tested it). Small note: there is 
> a contructor of QStringList taking a QString so if you have a list with 
> only one item you don't need to construct an empty list and then add 
> something using operator<<.

Yes, I'm aware of it, but 'operator<<' looks more clear for me.
> Side-note: there is a comment talking about using /proc/pci if lspci is 
> not found. Not that newer kernels do have a /proc/pci at all ;)

I prefer not to make functional changes in (linux) code, which I can't test :)

> >> While you're at it you
> >> can then fix the type (devies -> devices), too ;)
> > 
> > I've removed those comments completely.
> Another solution for that problem ;)
> Eike


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