Plasma Workspaces 4.11: the last feature release in the 4.xseries for kde-workspace

Matthias Klumpp matthias at
Fri May 3 16:04:44 BST 2013

@Kevin: I am only remotely following this issue, but as PackageKit
developer, I would of course like to see our project in Plasma
Workspaces as soon as possible. But I don't know the exact issues
here. Also, having KSecrets merged would be a nice goal too. (The
SecretService API is very stable, and has the potential to become a
new de-facto XDG standard soon)
So, why not work on merging all this stuff into Workspaces 5 as early
as possible, so it is present there?
(With having WS 4.11 frozen, it IMHO does not make any sense at all to
develop new features for it, unless the new feature works on both
Workspaces versions with less modifications)

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