Plasma Workspaces 4.11: the last feature release in the 4.x series for kde-workspace

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Fri May 3 07:11:29 BST 2013

On Thursday 02 May 2013 22:22:36 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 May 2013 at 09:41:15, Andriy Rysin wrote:
> > If the feature freeze for 4.11 is May 22 and there is no more feature
> > releases for branch 4.x, where all those features from GSoC go?
> Probably the same as my libplasma PackageKit integration from GSoC 2011: in
> the digital nirvana and/or in distro patches. :-(
@Kevin: could you please stop this nonesense about your GSoC project. Yes we 
all got that you are frustrated two years ago. Enough is enough! I don't want 
to ever read about it any more!

Obviously we will consider the Qt 5 transition in our GSoC applications. For 
example one of the ideas for KWin explicitly states that it has to be 
developed with Qt 5.

Martin Gräßlin
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