Review Request 110271: libusb-1 support in kcmusb (kinfocenter)

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Thu May 2 15:39:33 BST 2013

Am 02.05.2013 15:49, schrieb Max Brazhnikov:

> Use libusb-1 to query info about usb devices in kinfocenter.
> Remove *BSD specific code: it doesn't work on all supported FreeBSD
> versions. In principle it can be saved for NetBSD, but NetBSD could
> use libusb-1, thus drop it for simplification.
> Remove polling and use DeviceNotifier instead.
> Add FindLibUSB-1.cmake

First, the pkg-config stuff can be used on Windows. If the stuff isn't 
there it will simply do nothing, but it could.

Then, find_library should never write it's stuff to a *_LIBRARIES 
variable as it will always only find one lib. The libraries variable 
should be composed from the libs found before and should not be a cached 

Finally, if the .pc provides a version you should use the newer 
interface of FPHSA that also allows version selection.


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