[KDE Usability] Review Request 110266: Cleanp Places Panel context menu

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Thu May 2 14:15:03 BST 2013


On Thursday, May 02, 2013 08:05:48 Kai Uwe Broulik wrote:
> This patch cleans up the places panel context menu by:
>  - Removing the term "Entry" and the entry name in every single item. To
> still have easy context, I added a menu title instead. - General actions
> such as "Show all" and "Add Entry" are removed from item context menus
> (they're not related to the item)

The UI looks more logical, easier to understand to me with at least the title 
of the entry. I agree that "Edit Entry "Mülleimer"..." could be easier, but 
just "Edit..." makes me wonder about the exact context, while "Edit 
"Mülleimer"..." does not. I'm not sure about this change.

> See screenshot for direct comparison of old and new.
> You can still add an entry, even if the list is full, by scrolling to the
> bottom of the list where there is always an empty spot to click on. To me
> it sounds logical to add an entry at the end anyway. (Dolphin doesn't
> directly have this problem since you can always click the group titles
> (Devices, Places, Search For, …) which are not considered an item and thus
> spawn the general context menu)

This sounds quite cumbersome to me. The menu (especially with some of your 
other changes) is not that big (below 6-7 items), removing the options that 
apply to the list sounds odd to me, it would probably feel like a lost 
feature, and I'd not try clicking anywhere else, this might also hold true for 
new users. From a user's point of view, clicking on an item is *also* clicking 
inside the list, so having list-wide options in there doesn't seem strange at 
all. To me, this change looks a bit like you want to make it technically more 
correct (questionable), but forget what's easy for the user. As such, I don't 
quite like this change.

Overall, for my taste, the current design looks cleaner (while also providing 
more features), especially the titles in the new design make it look rather 
crowded, for not much gain.


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