Event affecting KDE Git and Subversion

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at kde.org
Wed Jun 19 13:37:31 BST 2013

Hi all,

As some of you are aware, the physical host of git.kde.org and
svn.kde.org encountered some problems early in the morning (UTC time).
This has required that both are fully rebuilt.

At the moment, only git.kde.org has been restored to functionality -
however svn.kde.org will follow eventually some time inside the next
48 hours.

The new host keys for both are:
ECDSA: fe:0d:d6:6e:85:1b:8d:3d:45:a7:94:e0:0c:88:65:fb
DSA: f0:0d:c0:3e:be:0b:52:30:42:17:6b:40:21:94:04:d2
RSA: 51:d4:83:0d:47:da:da:03:fc:b7:81:67:5e:48:fe:1a

Until system reconstruction has been completed and services
re-stabilised, there will be a freeze on the creation of new accounts
and repositories, as well as the updating of SSH keys.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

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