Review Request 111048: Prevent Konqueror from performing lots of stat calls during session auto save

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Tue Jun 18 14:15:27 BST 2013

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Review request for KDE Base Apps and David Faure.


The attached patch changes KonqSessionManager such that it creates an instance of the auto save session KConfig object once during initialization instead of each time it is invoked, which is about every 10 secs. This stops the flood of "stat" calls from Konqueror that occur every 10 secs even when  Konqueror is doing absolutely nothing. The problem and its fix can be tested by running Konqueror through strace, "strace -e stat konqueror".

The result of this fix is the number of stat calls Konqueror makes every 10 secs went down to 1 from 15. Even that remaining stat call can be stopped if I was certain that removing the "deleteOwnedSessions" call from autoSaveSession won't cause any regression. David?


  konqueror/src/konqsessionmanager.h 930a2c3 
  konqueror/src/konqsessionmanager.cpp 1b99cb7 




Dawit Alemayehu

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