KF5 Update Meeting Minutes 2013-w24

Kevin Ottens ervin+bluesystems at kde.org
Tue Jun 11 16:29:30 BST 2013

Hello everyone,

This is the minutes of the Week 24 KF5 meeting. As usual it has been held on 
#kde-devel at 4ppm Paris time.

 * I'm back and sebas too :-)
 * On June 22nd, a KF5 mini-sprint will be held in the Blue Systems Barcelona

Were present: annma, apol, ben2367, dfaure, sandsmark, scarpino, sebas, 
svuorela, wojtask9 and myself.

Topics discussed:
 * The KIconThemes/KWidgets dependency has been discussed again, it turns out 
KWidgets won't need KIconThemes by using QStyle::pixelMetric;
 * Looking into getting rid of ki18n in KJobWidgets;
 * ItemViews will be tier 2 until we contribute the natural compare to Qt;
 * ben2367 is done with QTextEdit and is resuming work on deprecating methods;
 * the Qt crasher around QQ2 text handling is now critical on Qt side, which 
is good as it's a blocker for plasma-framework;
 * sebas is taking over the plasma-framework buildsystem cleanup from notmart;
 * kdeprint and kcups* will end up in kde4attic instead of kde4support, annma 
will update her patch;
 * KIO is getting redesigned by dfaure following our discussions;
 * QCommandLineParser is still WIP;
 * Thiago still blocking some QUrl changes due to his unavailability;
 * scarpino keeps working on the ECM_SourceIncompatChanges list;

 * Priority for the coming week is still the KDEUI Crumble.

Action items still open:
 * [sandsmark] Finish the work on KPtyProcess
 * [steveire] Write a "CMake for frameworks" guideline in the wiki
 * [sebas] Look at cleaning up the CMake files in plasma-framework
 * [steveire] investigate why kde4support isn't usable from outside kdelibs
   (issue with the cmake file)

If you got questions, feel free to ask.

Kévin Ottens, http://ervin.ipsquad.net

Sponsored by BlueSystems and KDAB to work on KDE Frameworks
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