Review Request 110898: Remove unused strigi dependency from tree, along with unused strigi FontAnalyzer.

Simeon Bird bladud at
Mon Jun 10 02:09:24 BST 2013

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(Updated June 10, 2013, 1:09 a.m.)


This change has been discarded.

Review request for kde-workspace and Nepomuk.


So far as I can see, the only thing depending on strigi still in kde-workspace is a strigi plugin called FontAnalyzer,
and, I think, this doesn't do much now nepomuk doesn't use strigi. (I'm curious as to why it was in kde-workspace 
in the first place, instead of in strigi, actually)

This patch removes the strigi dependency and FontAnalyzer from kde-workspace.


  kcontrol/kfontinst/CMakeLists.txt 1ba461cf9c09a0dba3af13b67f585db08c7da77a 
  CMakeLists.txt d233cf4a745ea1c6caf0b560539a68f71ab41020 
  kcontrol/kfontinst/strigi-analyzer/CMakeLists.txt ab5643ec4f1ce47f17b598e016300d51e181c946 
  kcontrol/kfontinst/strigi-analyzer/FontEngine.h 028e971f34a52b4bda4df8130cbe2af688c45e8b 
  kcontrol/kfontinst/strigi-analyzer/FontEngine.cpp 8e00bd550c9e2a3e1b25ef6cf6a3d510576e67d8 
  kcontrol/kfontinst/strigi-analyzer/FontThroughAnalyzer.h 0e0a7a8eac99c85ed21d9ab3305a2a75b18e9ec9 
  kcontrol/kfontinst/strigi-analyzer/FontThroughAnalyzer.cpp ffa22a9ad09617b6ab87652ee0a9f246e0502227 
  plasma/desktop/applets/kickoff/CMakeLists.txt e9e288866ecdcfd7aa35c086dfe78d4252748995 



Compiled, ran


Simeon Bird

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