Review Request 110865: KConfig: fix long-standing bug where translations would not be loaded.

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Fri Jun 7 14:24:33 BST 2013

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(Updated June 7, 2013, 1:24 p.m.)

Review request for kdelibs and Oswald Buddenhagen.


KConfig: fix long-standing bug where translations would not be loaded.

This happened in the following situation:
* KDEDIRS with two prefixes (let's call them global and middle)
* a kconfig file with the same name in both (e.g. a .desktop file)
* same value for Name[locale]= in both
* no override in the local directory (KDEHOME)

The Name= value in the "middle" desktop file would delete the
currently-loaded translated name, but didn't do so fully (it failed
to delete the one with bDefault==true, due to the line
"k.bDefault = false" a few lines before, which wasn't meant to
affect this). So when reading the Name[locale] in the "middle"
desktop file afterwards, it said "ok I already have it, do nothing",
and the english name prevailed.
The complexity comes from the fact that in such a setup, every key
is present twice, once with bDefault=false and once with bDefault=true.
(and then double that, for localized and non-localized).

After making bDefault=false operate on a copy of the key, a bug was
uncovered in the if (bDefault) block that was never executed before:
it should remove the key with bDefault==true, since it already did
that for bDefault==false (the 4th argument of the KEntryKey ctor).

Anyway, there's a unittest, so even if nobody ever understands my
ramblings above, at least it won't regress again.


  kdecore/config/kconfigdata.cpp 8f837fb8eec896c1ceb245bc6854cdfba55cce4b 
  kdecore/tests/kconfigtest.h 3b01c66fd49cda833044dfcb5f2b51c24da7f18b 
  kdecore/tests/kconfigtest.cpp e5d2e80da0685615a0028ccd7254487664ffc6b0 



Added unittests, ensured existing ones pass.

Also tested the real-world setup which triggered this bug in the first place (copies of kcmodules in an overlay directory defined in /etc/kde4rc), and translations not appearing in systemsettings when doing that.


David Faure

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