Review Request 110799: Remove translation via babelfish - service is no longer avaibable - use google as default

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Thu Jun 6 20:59:07 BST 2013

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Review request for KDE Base Apps and David Faure.


Since may 2012 the babelfish service is no longer available, it was moved to Bing translator
and can't be used no more.
I changed default translator to Google, which is already used by kdepim/pimcommon/translator/

Translating a selection did not work with the old code, so I used the code 
from Laurent Montel in the pim translator.

Btw. pimcommon lib has a nice translation bar, could probably be reused here.


  konq-plugins/babelfish/plugin_babelfish.cpp c962f18 
  konq-plugins/babelfish/plugin_babelfish.desktop 267ac60 



Tested in master + 4.10 in HTML + WebKit view modes

Result is the same as using direct with text or an url.

In master in HTML mode a JavaScript Error Warning pops up:
"An error occurred while attempting to run a script on this page.
Type-Error: Attempt to use a non-function object or a value as a function."


Burkhard Lück

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