Review Request 110813: Add support for just smooth window movement and resizing to wobbly windows effect

Stefanos Harhalakis v13 at
Mon Jun 3 20:55:26 BST 2013

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Review request for kde-workspace.


A patch that adds the ability to the wobbly windows effect not to wobble the window (i.e. not change its shape).

This results in two things:
1) Have a very smooth movement of windows that can be customized
2) Have a nice effect when resizing a window (is resizing is enabled)

It does this by adding the noWobble attribute to the effect and then using that attribute to disable a subset of the functionality. It also adds an additional wobbliness level: shifts levels 0-4 to 1-5 and makes 0 the level without wobbliness.

This addresses bug 319887.


  kwin/effects/wobblywindows/wobblywindows.h 69d1f87 
  kwin/effects/wobblywindows/wobblywindows.cpp ad1842c 
  kwin/effects/wobblywindows/wobblywindows_config.ui 0498a64 



I'm running this for the past day without issues.


Stefanos Harhalakis

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