Review Request 107409: [KMenuEdit] Ability to sort elements

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Wed Jan 16 23:15:19 GMT 2013

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Review request for kde-workspace and Albert Astals Cid.

Summary (updated)

[KMenuEdit] Ability to sort elements

Description (updated)


This patch adds 2 actions to sort items in KMenuEdit (by name or description) :
- sort sub-elements for the current selection.
- sort all elements.

It respects separator elements to avoid mixing elements groups together.
Actions are visible in the main menu, toolbar and contextual menu.

Thank you for your review.

This addresses bug 108419.


  kmenuedit/treeview.cpp f43ed1d 


Testing (updated)

- Select an element and choose "sort by name".
- Select an element and choose "sort by description".
- Choose "sort all by name".
- Choose "sort all by description".
- Select an empty menu or a simple element -> selection sorting disabled.

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Julien Borderie

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