plasma and new shadow mess

Fredrik Höglund fredrik at
Mon Jan 7 14:55:59 GMT 2013

On Monday 07 January 2013, Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> > handing over the pixmap id intenrally to the shadow system is exactly what
> > we do in plasma. granted, it is outside of kwin and we're doing this with
> > an xatom ... but this is precisely how plasma is doing it now: we rely on
> > kwin (or another window manager) to paint the shadows using pixmaps we hand
> > over by id.
> Yeah well, I don't want a roundtrip to X just to set an information which we 
> have internally already available. For KWin we need a better approach.

It actually adds 25 roundtrips per window, including 8 image transfers
from the X server.


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