plasma and new shadow mess

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Mon Jan 7 09:51:11 GMT 2013

On Sunday, January 6, 2013 17:40:42 Thomas L├╝bking wrote:
> 1. it will make kwin link generic-shell what is sematically the gnome/unity
> shell approach.

it is a library. that does not rely on the desktop (or other) shell. it 
provides shared functionality for applications in kde-workspace, but without a 
guaranteed API for others (ergo no headers).

so, no, it is not at all the same approach as gnome/unity. at all.

> 2. it will visually break non-plasma QMLs (so virtually
> they're no longer supported, see Martins concern in [1])


which QML are you thinking of that is "non-plasma"? what are they doing using 
Plasma's SVG theming?

> Notice that this is a dead stupid and cumbersome way to do things [2], but
> [2] Instead of dumb copying the shadow implementation of plasma we could
> maybe rather just load the Plasma::Svg and hand over the pixmap(id)
> internally to the Shadow system - less tested, though, but could be then
> also easily extended to proper QML/Component shadow support, thus not
> pointless either.

handing over the pixmap id intenrally to the shadow system is exactly what we 
do in plasma. granted, it is outside of kwin and we're doing this with an 
xatom ... but this is precisely how plasma is doing it now: we rely on kwin 
(or another window manager) to paint the shadows using pixmaps we hand over by 

Aaron J. Seigo
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