Review Request: ksysguard - Add rowspan/colspan support for displays

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Fri Jan 4 19:44:31 GMT 2013

I don't see this review request e-mail on the mailman archives, so I'm not
sure it ever made it to the mailing list. Apologies if it did.
I did get an e-mail that the message "is being held until the list
moderator can review it for approval", but I didn't receive any follow-up
e-mails about that.
 Arnav Singh

On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 7:50 PM, Arnav Singh <arnavion at> wrote:

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>   Review request for kde-workspace.
> By Arnav Singh.
> Description
> I've added support for sensor displays in KSysGuard to have row spans and column spans.
> Apart from adding rowSpan and columnSpan arguments to the method signatures, I've also removed the internal list (WorkSheet::mDisplayList) used to contain all the sensor displays. This list used to be used to derived the row and column of the displays based on their index in the list. Since I now need to maintain rowSpan and columnSpan information as well, I just removed the list entirely and get all my data from mGridLayout. As a result, another change in the method signatures is the replacement of the "index" parameter with "row" and "column" parameters.
> An extra advantage of doing it this way is that widgets don't shift around when resizing the grid. Another advantage is that blank spaces between the widgets are now possible. Not to mention, not maintaining the layout information outside of the actual layout component (mGridLayout) seems a clearer design to me.
>   Testing
> Works on 4.9.4
>   *Bugs: * 311925 <>
> Diffs
>    - ksysguard/gui/WorkSheet.h (9f4806d)
>    - ksysguard/gui/WorkSheet.cpp (b20f077)
> View Diff <>
> Screenshots
> [image: Example] <>
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