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Giorgos Tsiapaliokas terietor at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 23:09:23 GMT 2013

On 2 January 2013 23:38, Pino Toscano <pino at kde.org> wrote:
> > - BranchDialog sounds like could be replaced with
> > KInputDialog::getText with a custom validator
> Still there.
> > - CommitDialog, other than being a KDialog, should better be use
> > layouts instead of placing widgets manually
> Still there.

*[1] The 2 above are some good impovements for the future, but not something
that should keep plasmate in playground.

> > - a numer of .ui files sets bold/bigger texts, but using a qt rich
> > text which forces a font size (and in few cases also the font face)
> Still there.

In which ui files are you referring to?

> - TimeLine::loadTimeLine does a funky job in putting translated bits
> > among the git output; a better way would be parsing the output
> > extracting the various details, and composing a new ad-hoc string
> > (and the date would need localization, as the FIXME say)

> > -  StartPage::saveNewProjectPreferences saves the status of all the
> > js/py/etc radio buttons separately... saving the index or the name of
> > the active one would be much easier

> > - EditPage::showTreeContextMenu uses the internalPointer() of the
> > model, which makes it prone to break if the model changes
> > implementation internally
> Still there.

*[1] the above 3 are good improvements but not something which should
keep plasmate in playground.

> - why ImageLoader::run forces the formats?
> Still there.

yes we missed that

> > - why KConfigXtWriter writes <kcfg> prologue/epilogue by hand?
> Now it writes the namespaces in a wrong way, closing the quoting
> manually and adding attributes by hand in a single string...

When I was implementing this one I couldn't find some API in
which does the job and I assume that the same applies for rest of the
people who
read my review, am I missing something?

> - TextEditor::modifyToolBar does a big no-no job in looking for
> > actions (never ever compare to translated strings, especially when
> > coming from other components)
> What about just finding the actions in the actionCollection() of the
> KTextEditor::View, and hiding them, instead of messing up with the
> XMLGUI document?

this is the only documented solution in
so I don't see any reason
to avoid it and its also the recommended one.

P.S.: [1] As it regards issues like those,  we can always disagree about
stuff like that
but the point is to focus on the major issues.

Giorgos Tsiapaliokas (terietor)
KDE Developer

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