Review Request 109060: [KMenuEdit] Ability to move up/down items

Julien Borderie frajibe at
Wed Feb 20 19:50:13 GMT 2013

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Review request for kde-workspace and Albert Astals Cid.



This patch adds 2 actions to move up/down items in KMenuEdit.
It makes easier item moving, a drag'n'drop is no longer required to move an item inside its parent node.
All changes are taken into consideration while saving.

Note bene : "moveUpOrDownItem(int isMovingUpAction)" method takes an integer rather than a boolean because of the use of a QSignalMapper, that does not handle boolean types.

This addresses bug 61537.


  kmenuedit/kmenuedit.cpp 7f9ee9f 
  kmenuedit/kmenueditui.rc 3b0f4b9 
  kmenuedit/treeview.h d36ca85 
  kmenuedit/treeview.cpp 9d94ee5 



1) Move down
- Select the first item on a given tree node --> "move up" action disabled, "move down" action enabled
- Apply "Move down" action --> item moved down

2) Move up
- Select the last item on a given tree node --> "move up" action enabled, "move down" action disabled
- Apply "Move up" action --> item moved up


Julien Borderie

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