kwalletmanager ui refactor

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at
Tue Feb 12 13:10:23 GMT 2013

Le Wednesday 06 February 2013 23:14:59 Valentin Rusu a écrit :
> > Thanks, I understand it better now. Assuming it was also possible to
> > get
> > a list of the authorized applications, I created a new revision of the
> > mockups which show the list of currently connected applications as well
> > as the list of authorized applications:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > I think it is good to create a separate tab for those because this way
> > the application can provide an explanation of the list(s). Being not
> > intimate with the way KWalletManager works, I didn't understand what
> > the
> > "Disconnect" button would do. This may happen to others as well :)
> Nice proposal. I'll stick with your sketch as it'll provide also for the
> future, when we'll switch to ksecretsservice. Thanks.


> > It's worth asking however if users really need a list of the
> > applications currently accessing the wallet. I have the feeling users
> > are more concerned about which applications are allowed to read their
> > wallet than which applications are currently doing so, but maybe I am
> > missing a situation in which one would want to disconnect applications?
> Well, it's also about providing application information for hackers. Why
> hide information if it's freely available? :-)

Every information you expose is an information the user has to understand, so 
there is a balance to find here. On the other hand, this information is in a 
separate tab in my mockup so it is not exposed to users unless they are 
actively looking around. It is probably OK in this situation, as long as the 
short explanatory text is there.


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