Review Request 108889: Add QML_INSTALL_DIR variable to KDE pathes

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Mon Feb 11 17:02:39 GMT 2013

On Monday, February 11, 2013 17:43:01 Stephen Kelly wrote:
> Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> >> What do you need it for, exactly?
> > 
> > To find out where Qt will look for QtQuick2 imports (that's
> > $ARCHDATADIR/qml, defaulting to $PREFIX/qml, which leads to /usr/qml).
> > 
> > I'd like to be able to install Plasma QtQuick2 imports into a path where
> > they'll actually be found, that's the QML_INSTALL_DIR which the patch from
> > this thread adds.
> Isn't it inappropriate for KDE to install things into the Qt installation?
> That's for Qt stuff? Isn't there a way to tell Qt where to find QML imports
> in alternative locations?
> I don't know myself, but I'd want to know if what you want to do is the
> oppostite of what is advised in the docs or not. Can you point at any
> relevant docs?

I didn't really find it documented (beyond what is explained above). I did 
just verify that exporting QML2_IMPORTS_PATH lets us point Qt to those imports 
at runtime. I suggest we install the Plasma imports under the lib directory 
then, i.e. $PREFIX/lib/qml, in order to keep the rest of the filesystem clean. 
I'll change the patch accordingly. (Unless you shout.)

Do we have any canonical place where I set a sensible the QML2_IMPORT_PATH env 
var, so we don't have to tell everybody to add this to their setup?
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