Request: Move of kdev-perforce plugin from playground to extragear

Morten Volden mvolden2 at
Thu Feb 7 22:31:38 GMT 2013

Hi All

I have created a sysadmin request to move kdev-perforce to extragear:

Bug 314632 <> (Request: Move of
kdev-perforce plugin from playground to extragear)

*Whatever you choose, there are some rules to follow before you are allowed
to move to either location: *
* *

   - * There should be user documentation in docbook format. If you need
   help, you can ask for help to the KDE Documentation team:
   kde-doc-english at<>.

There is no documentation in the plugin as such. However, it works in the
same manner as the current supported version control system plugins in
Kdevelop which are documented here.

   - * There should be developers documentation in the form of apidox for
   libraries you can check this at ebn<>
   - * There should be no krazy code checker issues reported. Again, you
   can check that at ebn <>. There
   is also a tutorial on using
here on TechBase.

I have run Krazy2 on the sources and there are currently no issues reported.

   - * You should have checked for basic problems with a profiler. I hope
   we will get a tutorial on how to do this soon *

Have run some tests with valgrind, and things seems to be fine.



- When the split is pulled, mr. Grenade is no longer our friend
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