KDE Review: Kor - a minimalistic desktop shell

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Mon Feb 4 12:42:42 GMT 2013


On Monday 04 of February 2013, Martin Sandsmark wrote:
> Dear esteemed ladies and gentlemen (and everyone in between),
> Kor is a simple and minimalistic desktop shell with support for plasmoids,
> plasma wallpapers, etc., but also its own minimalistic plugins/widgets.
> It is an option for those with low-end hardware or who don't need a full
> Plasma desktop.
> It has no configuration UI, and relies on hand-edited configuration files.

 I'd like to clarify this a bit. Simple yes, and definitely simpler than 
Plasma Desktop, but minimalistic no, at least not by design. The current 
state is simply what 'just works' for me (I haven't had to touch the codebase 
for the last year), and I couldn't be bothered to add e.g. the configuration 
UI, but I won't stop anybody from doing so.

 I rather see Kor as a classic desktop that is a bit like the KDE3 desktop 
(because of being used to it, reusing some code, and not bothering with touch 
interfaces) that is built on current KDE platform (which is what 
differentiates it from Razor-Qt or Trinity). For all practical purposes, it 
is a KDE desktop.

 And although it should be somewhat lighter on resources than Plasma Desktop, 
I have no idea how much (especially after it loads anything Plasma-based).

 Lubos Lunak
 l.lunak at suse.cz

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