BlueDevil 1.X end of life

Àlex Fiestas afiestas at
Mon Dec 30 02:26:59 GMT 2013

Hello everyone.

With the release of BlueDevil 2.0 (that will happen somewhere in the following 
month) I will stop supporting the 1.3 branch, meaning that no new releases 
will be done, no new backports and all bugs reported to that branch will be 

There are 2 reasons that make me unable to keep maintaining it:
1-No time (really, none)
2-I have no way of installing BlueZ4 (all my computers use BlueZ5).

If somebody has the time to do the testing and BlueZ4 I will be glad to help 
him/her on taking maintainership of the 1.X branch, doing backports is easy 
(most of the code in 2.0 is still the same or similar) so mostly time is 
required to do this.

If nobody steps up, I will announce the end of life together with the 2.0 

So please, any new distribution should be shipping BlueZ5.

Cheers !

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