Moving Baloo and Baloo-widgets into KDE SC

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Tue Dec 24 20:25:37 GMT 2013

> As I understand it there are no plans to remove the nepomuk-core or
> nepomuk-widget libraries. If you switch to Baloo, anything compiled against
> nepomuk will still run but will act as if nepomuk is disabled. This is
> something clients previously had to cope with anyway.

Meaning that everything* that uses nepomuk now (fortunately, not much) will 
stop working properly.

Either that, or we will have to keep both systems running in-parallel.

* except the parts Vishesh ports over :)

I would like baloo to be available in 4.x, with no API stability guarantees, 
so that it can mature for 5.x series. I am not sure about pushing it as a 
nepomuk replacement just jet.

Vishesh, how possible would it be to have dolphin (and others) with support 
for both nepomuk and baloo?


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