frameworks build instructions wrong / won't work with kubuntu 14.04

Harald Sitter sitter at
Fri Dec 20 10:11:36 GMT 2013

On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 7:45 PM, Dimitri John Ledkov
<dimitri.ledkov at> wrote:
> So I was very clueless why
> Harald brought up that failing to build from source in his PPA build
> to a such a wide audience, when it was entirely unwarranted. And also
> in such a hasty manner, minutes after filing the bug in the
> distribution without allowing any time for a fix to be written or
> uploaded.

>From the log I added to the original post:

-*- xnox points out, that the correct interface, is to explicitely set
QT5::moc in that case, in your toolchain file used for custom/prefix
installed system libraries, as advised by CMake.
<xnox> apachelogger: you are pointing to the last resort path. in
cmake there is Qt5::moc already set to a different location.
<xnox> apachelogger: cmake_defaults and all the LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
in a Toolchain file which is passed to CMake by default.
<xnox> apachelogger: anything else is fragile, and is free to be
changed by CMake both upstream and distribution.
<xnox> apachelogger: a Toolchain file is the only contract-based
interface to guarantee correct and expected compilation in CMake.
<apachelogger> xnox: you should probably raise that at
kde-buildsystem at because that is the actuall way they expect
things to be done
<xnox> apachelogger: Anybody who uses CMake and does reproducible
builds is using Toolchain files (to e.g. enforce compiler versions /
editions / pick this or that) it's pretty standard.

Since neon is basically doing what [1] & kdesrc-build describe, I
understood that KDE is abusing CMake in a fragile manner. Since
neither abusing nor fragile things are particularly likable I raised
the topic here so things can be made !abusing and !fragile. Apparently
I communicated that concern badly.



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