The KDE Frameworks have been splitted

David Faure faure at
Wed Dec 18 16:53:26 GMT 2013

Hi everyone.

The "frameworks" branch of kdelibs is now closed forever.
57 repositories have been created instead (*).

You can check out any of these individually using git clone kde:<frameworkname>,
or, since you surely want all of them, you can use kdesrc-build with the kf5-qt5-build-include file included.

The main point of this message is:
there will no longer be any automatic merge of the commits in kdelibs 4.x or kdelibs master into frameworks.
The split makes that impossible.

So, if you change anything in kdelibs master, it's now *your* responsibility to cherry-pick
that into the individual framework the code moved to. Otherwise the change will be lost.

apidox                kcodecs         kdbusaddons      kdewebkit          kglobalaccel  kimageformats  kjs             kparts       ktextwidgets       solid
frameworkintegration  kcompletion     kde4support      kdnssd-framework   kguiaddons    kinit          kjsembed        kplotting    kunitconversion    sonnet
karchive              kconfig         kdeclarative     kdoctools          khtml         kio            kmediaplayer    kprintutils  kwallet-framework  threadweaver
kauth                 kconfigwidgets  kded             kemoticons         ki18n         kitemmodels    knewstuff       kpty         kwidgetsaddons
kbookmarks            kcoreaddons     kdesignerplugin  kf5umbrella        kiconthemes   kitemviews     knotifications  kross        kwindowsystem
kcmutils              kcrash          kdesu            kfileaudiopreview  kidletime     kjobwidgets    knotifyconfig   kservice     kxmlgui

David Faure, faure at,
Working on KDE, in particular KDE Frameworks 5

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