Review Request 114448: kjs: reogranize basic math functions & function checking

Bernd Buschinski b.buschinski at
Sat Dec 14 16:30:56 GMT 2013

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Review request for kdelibs.

Repository: kdelibs


kjs: reorganize basic math functions & function checking.
Most noticeable change is that kjs will no longer quietly fail at runtime
if a important function is missing, but fail at compiletime.
This will only happen on a very strange platform, or a typo in my checks.
Also note, I added more checks, so theoretically more platforms are now supported.

Ah yes and the math functions are now always inlined, not that it makes any huge performance difference...


  khtml/ecma/kjs_arraybuffer.cpp c4d2e51 
  khtml/ecma/kjs_arraybufferview.h 4b6992b 
  khtml/ecma/kjs_context2d.cpp bbdba8f 
  kjs/CMakeLists.txt 48f5231 
  kjs/config-kjs.h.cmake f644528 
  kjs/date_object.cpp c8d776c 
  kjs/function.cpp 1102208 
  kjs/internal.cpp 49c2ce2 
  kjs/jsonstringify.cpp e07a789 
  kjs/math_object.cpp 89835e5 
  kjs/number_object.cpp c284746 
  kjs/operations.h 1112c2b 
  kjs/operations.cpp 9e2fc71 
  kjs/value.cpp f02aeea 
  kjs/wtf/MathExtras.h 58be75b 




Bernd Buschinski

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